Shoot like a pro

60c196dff0dfd2fab8cc1164702ef8b6Whether you are a hobby shooter or you love game hunting, the tactical bow is one gear that you cannot do without. The sheer love of using the bow is that it is ready to shoot the moment it is out of the box. The bow is hand assembled by expert engineers and fire tested at their facility to provide the best in technology to hit a bull’s eye every time you pull back the string.

It is designed to last and may very well fit into the definition of an heirloom! It is so handy that you can fit it into a survival bag and also not damage the sharpness of its arrow heads. The bow comes in various sizes and can weigh as less as two kilograms only. It can be folded and stored and its fluid design helps it to be converted from the folded version to the weapon in less than a few minutes.

The bow is definitely a self sufficient survival tool and the fact that it is completely noiseless gives it more brownie points.